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Friday, December 11, 2009

Communication is key

Ways to communicate have truly come a long way. Gone are the days of hand writing letters and sending telegrams that take weeks to arrive. Now everyone wants to be in the know and have access to information instantly and it’s more than possible to accommodate this request. With cell phones, smart phones, the worldwide web and all the applications that are made for them to enhance and promote quick contact, it’s no wonder that people everywhere young and old are jumping on this bandwagon.

People are keen on sharing their experiences as a tactic to inform others about the opportunities that are available for them. Social Media allows for this easy integration. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogging and You Tube are examples of collaborative tools that are paving the way for 21st century listening, learning and sharing. Many ClubRunner users are finding the benefits to linking their social media accounts to their web site to increase traffic to their site and encourage interaction among users. Check out some clubs and districts that have incorporated this strategy District 5040, Rotary Club of San Francisco, District 5280, Rotary Club of Willowbrook, North Delta Rotary Club

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