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Friday, November 25, 2011

New Option in MyEventRunner Allows Registrants to Edit Form

Managing your event registrations just became easier. MyEventRunner now features a new option in the Setup page to allow registrants to edit their registration after they have paid.

This can be enabled on a per event basis. The confirmation email that is sent after a successful registration will include a link to allow the registrant to go back and make changes to their registration, provided the resulting total amount is equal to or higher than their original total.

For example, instead of purchasing just one add-on, if the registrant decided they would like 2, this is possible. The link will bring up the original form so that changes can be made, and then the final payment step will request payment of the difference. If the registrants decides to cancel an add-on or downgrade to a lower package, they cannot do so online and will be prompted to contact the event chair as this will require processing a refund according to the event's policies.

For more information on MyEventRunner or for assistance, please contact our Client Services Team.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Start and End Dates and Times added in MyEventRunner

We've added 2 new fields to the Setup page for MyEventRunner - event start date and time as well as the end date and time. We've also incorporated time into the Registrant start and end dates, so you can decide exactly when your event is closed for registration. Please note, however, the times used in these fields are preset to Eastern Time.

For more information about MyEventRunner and our latest changes, contact our Client Services Team.

New Field Available in Member Profile - Preferred Phone

A field that has been requested by many, we've now added a 'Preferred Phone' field in the Member Profile. Now members can select which phone type is their preferred one as it appears in various places such as the website, club directories and printable reports. Located in the Personal tab of the member profile, each member can choose between Home, Business or cell. This field has also been added to the Dynamic eDirectories as an option.

Friday, November 11, 2011

MyEventRunner - Registration Save Method Changed

An important change has been made to MyEventRunner in regards to the time when the registration is saved. In the past, it was saved the moment the user lands on the Payment Options screen. Oftentimes, users abandoned the screen at that stage if they weren't ready to make a purchase, but the registration appeared in the list, and a confirmation email was sent. This left the event chair with the task of contacting the registrant to find out what their intentions were.If the user decided to register at a later time, this would result in duplicate registrations.

The change that was implemented was to save the registration only when the payment is completed, whether it's via credit card or by pressing the button to indicate payment by check. We added notes to that screen to ensure the user is aware that the registration is not saved until either of those two actions are taken. Note however that should the credit card transaction fail, the registration is still saved. A note will appear for the event chair to indicate this in the reports. This is to make it easier for the registrant to retry at a later date by accessing the link in his or her confirmation email.

For further information on this change, please contact our support department.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Site Pages Added to Menu Bar!

Menu BarWe've made it easier to link to your site pages from the top navigation menu in Website Designer - a new type of link has been added in the Menu Item screen called 'Site Pages'. Once clicked, you'll see your site page structure (including nested site pages) from which you can navigate through and select the desired page.

For any questions, please contact our support department.