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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tip of the Week!

Did you know that advanced HTML users now have the ability to override the automatic resize feature?

Our latest feature release now includes a new image class: No Resize.

When users upload images, ClubRunner automatically resizes the images based on where it is being uploaded. Now, users well versed with HTML have the ability to override the stylesheet to prevent the system from automatically resizing the image by adding a style tag within the image. (ex:<  img src=" link "style=" max-width:none;"  >

For more information regarding this new feature, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Feature Updates!

From adding more currenices within our Dues and Billing module to adding filters in reports, we've been working on releasing some great new features within ClubRunner to make it even easier for clubs and Districts to manage their daily activities. These are just some of the latest features we have released!

Filters Added to Missing Email Address Reports

On the District site, you now have the ability to select member type (i.e.: Active, Honorary, Ex-Member, Staff, etc.) prior to running the report to find members with missing email addresses in their profile making it easier for you to locate the information you need.

Member Terminations Confirmation
Now when you terminate a member, you will see a popup that will tell you the various groups that the member will be removed from such as Custom Distribution Lists, Committees, Executive listing for current year, etc.

Dues & Billing - New Currencies Added

In order to accommodate our International clients, we`ve added new currencies in the system such that invoices can be created with currencies pertinent to the country. Our latest feature release includes the addition of Cayman Island Dollars. A full listing of the curriencies available can be accessed from the `Configuration Settings`page found in the Dues and Billing module.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

ClubRunner's Satisfaction Survey - Results!

Thank you again for participating in our survey a short while ago. We truly learned a lot from your responses and received some great feedback which we will be incrementally working into the ClubRunner service.

What We Learned

In fact, thanks to your feedback, we gained valuable insight both into improvements to make within our product as well as our help and support resources.

What You Loved
  • Our Knowledgebase with help articles & on-demand tutorials that you can access on your own time
  • Regular feature updates which we release every two weeks addressing customer feedback
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff
  • Ability to manage your club events, communications, website, dues and more as a team from one place
What We Can Improve On & How We're Addressing Your Needs
  • Ease of use when it comes to navigating the Admin page as well as overall speed 
This is something we are working to improve. In fact, ClubRunner is undergoing a complete redesign from the ground up with our upcoming Version 3.0. Your key to connect to the cloud, not only will Version 3.0 be more intuitive and flexible, it will also have a faster interface. Additionally, Version 3.0 will be hosted on a more scalable infrastructure and will have drastically improved response times. For more information on Version 3.0, please click here.
  • More intuitive design features
Version 3 Sneak PeekMany of you gave us great insight into the areas that are cumbersome and where you would like to see improvements. As such we have been working hard to ensure that our upcoming Version 3.0 will meet your needs with more design templates to choose from, more customization options including drag and drop widgets and lots of new features to make your communication and administration tasks even easier.
  • Access to more help articles and tips/tricks articles with screenshots from within your club site
Although there was a lot of positive feedback regarding our knowledgebase, we also learned that you would like to see more tips and tricks articles and more how-to videos addressing various items as well as more short-on demand tutorials. Within the next coming months, we will be revamping our knowledgebase and will be including more troubleshooting FAQ's and commonly asked questions as well as more videos and help articles. Additionally, we will also be adding more tips/tricks articles for more advanced users.

Addressing the concerns regarding making it easier to find our help resources, there are now many ways to directly access all of our support resources. To access our knowledgebase, you can:

  • Click on the Help tab from within your Admin page
  • You will notice specific help articles displayed on the right side of your Admin screen depending on the page you are on (i.e.: Dues & Billing, Site Pages)
  • Visit www.clubrunner.ca and then on the Need Support button the left side of the page
  • Visit community.clubrunner.ca and then click on the Knowledgebase button the left side of the page
  • Bookmark www.clubrunnersupport.com to quickly access our main support center and gain all the information you need
Additionally, you can also join the conversation and discuss your best practices with other ClubRunner customers by participating in our Community Forum. You can login to the community forum using the same login credentials you use to access your website.
  • Better follow up with bug reports/system issues
We did receive some great suggestions regarding reporting bugs or system issues. We understand you want to be kept in the loop and as such we are building an internal infrastructure to be able to follow up with customers and give status updates when bugs are reported. We will also be publicizing a page of 'known issues' along with their resolution dates so that you can keep track of the work being done. Additionally, when we have scheduled system updates, you can follow your announcements on our twitter page.

We also received numerous feature requests from you as part of your survey responses and are happy to announce that you will see many of the requests incorporated into the ClubRunner service offering in our upcoming release of ClubRunner Version 3.0.

We hope this gives you a better idea of our direction and thank you once again for all the feedback. We are committed to making ClubRunner easy to use and valuable to all Rotary clubs and we truly appreciate all of your support in helping us become more aware of areas of improvement. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!