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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Introducing Next-Gen Website Themes with a Built-in Banner

You asked for it, and we made it happen! As we continue to add more themes to our line of up next-generation themes, we look to you for feedback on what you like and what you would like to see with future themes. A popular request was to introduce new themes that supported the built-in banner designer, and we've done just that.

Introducing Cloud and Elegant, our newest additions to our growing library of website themes. Available in 7 color variations, these themes feature a standard top fold where you can select from different pre-designed banner backgrounds available, upload organizational logos through the image library and customize text through the banner designer.

Ready to give your website a facelift?

Updating and switching your website theme takes only a few clicks.
  1. Go to the Website Designer and click on Themes on the left panel
  2. Select either the Cloud or Elegant theme from the library and your color variation, then click Publish
To add a banner:
  1. Click on the Designer tab on the left panel to navigate to the Designer page layout screen
  2. You will now see a new section titled Banner
  3. Simply click on the Add New Banner button to create your design
For step-by-step instructions on designing your banner, refer to the following help article: Designing a Website Banner  

What's next? There are a lot more theme options on the way along with exciting updates to the Website Designer to make it easier than ever to create and maintain your website on ClubRunner. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Introducing the ClubRunner District Mobile App!

We're excited to announce the release of all-new District features on the ClubRunner mobile app! Available through an update from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store, the latest version of the app gives you access to District related features, so you can:

View and contact your district executives

View and contact your district executives and directors from current, past and future years. You can browse their profiles and connect with one click.

Read the latest home page stories from your district site

View the latest feed of home page stories that are on your district's website, directly on your phone so you never miss any information! 

View upcoming events
Access all of your upcoming district events and calendar items, and view details, including associated links, download files and venue map. 

Access the Club directory to view all of the clubs in your district

View a list of all the clubs in your district, check out their meeting time/day, upcoming events and executives. Need to find a club to make up attendance? It just got easier to find neighboring clubs.

For your club, ClubRunner's mobile app also features the following modules:

  • Member Directory
  • Website Stories
  • Upcoming Events/Speakers
  • My Attendance
  • My Club Info Page
  • and more!

Download it today!

To download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, simply type in 'ClubRunner' in the search bar. Our mobile app is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sets that have iOS 8.0 or later and with versions of Anrdoid that are 4.0.3 or better. 

As a reminder, the district menu options will only display if your district is online with ClubRunner.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Visit the ClubRunner Booth at the 2018 RI Assembly

The 2018 Rotary International Assembly officially kicked off today and we're very excited to be part of it! If you're attending, visit us at our booth #233 to get the first look at our all-new ClubRunner District Mobile App, join us for our tips & tricks sessions for best practices, Q&A round and so much more.

There will be lots to do and to see during this power packed, 5 day event! We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Introducing unique 'from' email addresses for all members

It's been a common occurrence in the past, where you received an email that was sent through
ClubRunner by one member, but it appeared in your inbox as though it was sent from another member entirely. The reason for this had to do with your mail client associating the email address ClubRunner used to send emails with one particular contact and saving that information in your address book.

In the past, all emails that were sent out from ClubRunner were sent using mailservice@clubrunner.ca, and as a result, all email clients read the "from" as this email address. As you clicked on reply however, the "reply to" would automatically change to the sender's email address. However, sometimes when email clients automatically saved this shared email address under one particular member, all emails received from anybody within your club looked as though they were coming from someone else. To fix this, you'd be required to check your address book to ensure that mailservice@clubrunner.ca was not saved under a member's name.

We're happy to report that we've now made significant updates to our email architecture to avoid this from happening again! Now, all emails generated within ClubRunner will come from a unique 'from' email address related solely to the original sender. This means that we never will use a shared 'from' email address again.

As an example, if the ClubRunner Team ever sent emails generated through ClubRunner, our email appeared to be coming from mailservice@clubrunner.ca. Now, our emails will appear to come from a format similar to support.clubrunner.ca@clubrunner.email. Using a unique 'from' address for every member ensures that you'll never encounter such an issue again. Of course, clicking on reply as always will automatically change the "reply to" details with the sender, so you can communicate directly.

This is just one of many improvements coming your way to help improve communication between your members. Questions? Contact our support team by visiting www.ClubRunnerSupport.com.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Introducing the all-new ClubRunner Community


We're happy to introduce the all-new ClubRunner Community - a place to connect with other ClubRunner champions to share your feedback, learn about best practices and all about our latest features.
  • Post your questions about features
  • Share your own tips and tricks that you know others would like to learn
  • Share your new website or newsletter look as a source of inspiration for others
  • Connect directly with the ClubRunner team to share your feedback on items you would like to see, or things that can use improvement
  • and more
The ClubRunner Community is a password protected site which you can log into using your ClubRunner credentials. Head over to www.ClubRunnerCommunity.com to join the conversation. 
Once logged in, follow the most popular threads or create your own and even subscribe to an activity digest, so you never miss out any discussion.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Introducing Lions branded website colors

Have your club's website mirror the Lions brand with our newest website theme color variations. Within our Community & Vision themes, you'll now see two new color options:
  • Yellow and Blue (Light)
  • Blue & Yellow (Bright)
Selecting these new options will automatically update your font, menu, primary and secondary call to action buttons, and your club will be able to better promote the Lions brand.

How to switch to the new colors

Updating your website is easy and doesn't require you to rebuild your content at all.
  1. Go to the Website Designer and click on Themes on the left panel
  2. Select either color option under the Community or Vision theme
  3. Preview your new look and click on Publish to go live
Both Vision and Community are part of our next-generation themes that incorporate modern website design elements with mobile-view support, leaving you with a professional website that makes an impact.

For help on updating your ClubRunner website, check out our Next-Gen Website Themes Help Guide.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

ClubRunner makes it on the PROFIT500 List of Canada's Most Innovative Companies

We're happy to announce that ClubRunner was recognized on the 29th annual PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, for a second year in a row.

This achievement is truly a testament to our mission, which is to deliver an innovative and powerful platform to empower non-profits, associations and service clubs to engage their members and community, and effectively manage all facets of their organization in order to thrive.

We'd like to sincerely thank the entire ClubRunner community for your continued support. We remain committed as ever to ensure that we continue to improve our services and platform to support your growth and success.

To read our press release, click here.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Social media to promote your Rotary Club

Social media has revolutionized the way we connect with our friends, family, and network. It's become a portal of advocacy which has the power to influence our actions. How does your club use social media to promote your club activities, and Rotary?

It isn't as simple as just having a presence however. So, how can you effectively use social media for your club? First of all, it's important to understand that platforms like Facebook and Twitter cannot replace your website, they exist to support it. Secondly, you have to take it seriously, define your strategy, and break it down into executable steps.

Not too long ago, we held a webinar on how you can accomplish more through your social platforms and how to have them work in conjunction with your website. Check out a recording of our webinar below.

We'll be holding many similar webinars in the future. If there is a certain topic you'd like to see covered, let us know in the comments below. If you haven't already done so, join us for one of our many training webinars where we cover different features of the ClubRunner platform by visiting http://site.clubrunner.ca/page/webinars

Friday, September 1, 2017

Track member and club changes through the RI Integration updates page

Since 2010, when we became the first software provider to integrate our database with Rotary International, we've continually made improvements to the RI Integration module, allowing you to sync more fields directly with Rotary.

Our latest update to the RI Integration feature now allows you to track all of your updates for members and clubs from one convenient location. You will notice that we've added two new sub-menu items under the RI Integration tab on the Admin Page, called Member Updates Archive and Club Updates Archive.

Member Updates Archive

The Member Updates Archive report allows you to filter your results by individual members, integration type or date.

The results immediately display the status of the updates, who the change was initiated by, the date and time it was made, and much more. Click here to learn more about all the options available.

Club Updates Archive

The Club Updates Archive allows you to filter by integration type and date as well, giving you a report to indicate the various changes that have been reported to RI, and when. Click here to learn more.

If for any reason, the data is not automatically synced, you always have the option to manually report the change from within ClubRunner itself. You also have the option to export your results to excel, which is a great option for if you need to print or share your reports.

These are just a few improvements we've made to the RI Integration feature, with lots on the way. Have questions about the RI Integration feature? Click here to access our knowledgebase or contact our support team.

Monday, July 17, 2017

ClubRunner Wins Microsoft IMPACT Award for Most Innovative Cloud SMB Platform

We're thrilled to announce that ClubRunner has been recognized by Microsoft for cloud platform industry-leading innovation!

Microsoft Canada recognized ClubRunner, the leading provider of online membership success and management software as the most innovative cloud platform in the SMB category at the 2017 IMPACT Awards Ceremony held during the 14th annual Inspire conference (formerly known as the Worldwide Partner Conference) in Washington, DC.

The Microsoft IMPACT Awards recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements within Microsoft’s community of partners who are committed in the pursuit of quality, innovation and digital growth within Canada.

"This year’s IMPACT award winners showcased their success and continued to be representative of a broad ecosystem of partners, building and delivering innovative solutions for organizations of all sizes, built on Microsoft technology. The accomplishments of this year’s winners should be viewed as examples of excellence for every Microsoft partner," said Jason Brommet, Channel Chief at Microsoft Canada.

The category won by ClubRunner, the SMB Cloud Platform Innovation Partner of the Year Award, recognizes a partner that is customer-obsessed and has driven substantial industry innovation using the Azure infrastructure, and has demonstrated industry-leading innovation, creative use of multiple Azure services, competitive differentiation, and customer value.

"We are proud of this achievement. Our focus remains on delivering innovation with a powerful platform that impacts our customers within service organizations and associations, " says Sarah Asterbadi, CEO of ClubRunner. "We remain customer-obsessed and committed as ever to our customers' success and our vision to empower organizations to manage and engage their members and ultimately grow."

For more information about the Impact Awards, click here.