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Monday, January 25, 2016

Club Highlight: Rotary Club of Poipu Beach

A good website is the result of a combination of things - from the page layout to the imagery, ease of use, and even fonts and colors. In an effort to bring you the very best, we recently released new Next-Gen website themes that give you a fresher and more modern canvas to work on. A number of clubs have already adopted these new themes and this month, we're featuring one such club: The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach, Hawaii.

Your website is a representation of your club and through it, you are able to illustrate what your club is about. Through the text, you share what you want the reader to learn; through images, you take the visitor on a visual journey, and through the color palette and overall design, you share the essence and attitude and nature that makes up your club. Colors elicit feelings and have a huge impact on your website visitors. A recent study found that 62-90% of the interaction the visitor has when on a website is determined by the colors and that is formed within the first 90 seconds itself.

Think Hawaii and you immediately begin to think of beaches and sun. The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach captures the essence of the island with the use of simple warm tones - yellow and blue. The colors themselves depict sand, water, sun - all things you relate Hawaii too. In turn the use of such colors elicit a sense of trust which entices the website visitor to read further.

The website also is a great example of one which has a good balance of being member focused and visitor focused. This club opted for a unique layout where the two column layout starts below the fold, which means, that the message they want to get across immediately does not get lost above the fold. The first block of text you see is a welcome message which encapsulates what the club is all about in a nutshell, and invites Rotarians to join them for a make-up session. The text is enticing enough for anyone that wishes to learn more to click on the links and find the information they're looking for. By opting for a wide band at the top, and having the two column layout start later, they ensure that visitors don't miss their mission statement, which is front and center.

As you begin to scroll further, one of things we really liked was the use of big buttons to draw attention to call to actions. The idea behind adding buttons is to get the reader to act on something you want them to do, in this case, it's either to purchase tickets for an upcoming event or learn more. This ensures that your "want" (purchase or learn more) is not lost in a sea of text. People tend to scan and these days, we often visit websites on our phones or tablets, which means, the brighter and more unique your call to action is, the higher the chances that the reader will see it and act on it.

Pictures can speak volumes and depict a message far more effectively than text. Another great element on this site is the use of the built-in photo carousel that was also released with the new ClubRunner themes. The Rotary Club of Poipu Beach is a very active club and it shows. They balance their stories detailing their activities with the use of pictures and slideshows. Real photos add a human touch and allow the visitor to relate to the club and grab their attention.

One of the most common website design mistakes is making pages difficult to reach. As an active Rotary club, we can tell that the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach has a lot of information to share with members and with the public. Clicking is expensive and having visitors click through a number of links is comparable to creating a digital obstacle course. If a visitor or even a member has to click through dozens of links, chances are that many will stop midway. Here, we see that the club combats this through their navigation menu. Important information is one click away, such as how to receive grants, what the club does, its history, and much more. Similarly, even for members, they've added a dropdown menu just for the secure internal pages which require members to log in. By exposing these built-in pages on the public website, they ensure that members have a captivating reason to login to the member area, while making these important resources just one click away.

Click the image below to visit the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach's website, and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Tips for the week!

Did you know that you can easily change the membership type of an honorary member to a variety of options including staff, corporate, exchange student, etc.?

You asked for it and we listened! We've now made it easier to move honorary members to your Other Users list. When looking through your Active Members list, you will see a new action type called "Change Type" next to all honorary members. This allows you to move honorary members to your Other Users list where you can mark them as a staff member, an exchange student, corporate member or as any one of the options presented to you on that list.

Need to promote an upcoming event? Did you know that ClubRunner automatically generates a friendly name for your events?

Whereas previously, when sharing an event, the URL that was generated displayed the Event ID, we've modified this to always display a friendlier address. This means that your event URL will always display as www.mysiteaddress.com/event/NameOfEvent, making it much easier to publish it on flyers, etc.

Did you know that you can now directly link to a specific speaker entry rather than the entire speakers list?

Whereas previously, you could only link to the Speakers list page as an option with the "Built-in" pages to link to, you can now link to a specific speaker entry! Simply use the link button on the editor and then click on the "Speaker" option. You'll then be able to choose which speaker entry you to want to link to.

We add features to the system every two weeks as part of our software upgrade release. Missed our notes from the last service update? Check them out here!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Tip of the Week: Manage blocked and bounced emails

Picture this scenario: you send an email and at your next meeting, you find that a handful of members never received your email. Our support team does some investigation and find that the message simply bounced or was blocked, perhaps due the fact that the recipient might have marked a previous email as spam. Sounds familiar?

Managing bounced and blocked emails

We've now added functionality to give you more control over your suppression lists. When members stop receiving emails, it is because for some reason, they were automatically placed in a suppression list. There are many reasons why this might occur, however, the most common are when someone marks your email as junk mail or if their mailbox was full.

A suppression list essentially is a block list which means anyone on the list will not receive future messages. You can now remove these email addresses from this list! To do so, simply navigate to the Email Traffic Report page and then click on the Details link under the Actions column. Next, click on the number under the Emails Sent column to view your email statistics. On the top right of this page, you will find the "Manage Bounced and Block Emails" button. You will then see a list of email addresses that did not receive your message along with the reason why, and will be able to remove them from this list.

It's that simple! So the next time you find that a member did not receive an email, it's easy to find out why and take action.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Introducing Newer, Fresher, Modern Website Themes

Give your website a new look with ClubRunner's new responsive themes.

Times have changed, and so must we! You asked for fresher, newer and more modern website themes, and that is just what we are going to deliver. This January, take your website to the next level with our modern line of website templates.

Designed from the ground up on a new framework that is fully responsive and scales beautifully on all screen sizes (yes, we mean true mobile compatibility!), these new themes include new wider page styles with menu navigation items above the fold, image carousel, and even homepage options without banners.

Best of all, you can choose your theme and edit your content using the same familiar interface you are used to, the ClubRunner theme library and Website Designer. Simply select the theme, layout option and color variant and let your website shine!

Get a sneak peek

Get a sneak peek of a few select themes by heading over to your themes library! We've added two new Next-Gen themes called Millennium and Mid-Century, complete with a number of color variations and different page layouts for you to choose from! Check out our Next-Gen Themes Help Guide to get started.