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Friday, November 29, 2013

Menu Management - Tip of the Week!

Did you know that you can link your club directory, documents, photo directory, email message center and other such various other links from your top navigation menu bar?

That's right! We've made it easier to navigate to internal pages that require login, and now it is easier than ever to link to your club directory, documents, photo directory, eDirectory reports, email message center and even your 'Edit My Profile' link from your navigation menu on your website.

To do so, simply click on "Edit Menu" from the Website Designer 3.0 page, and then select  "Built-in Pages" as a Link Type. You will see new options listed under Pages and can select whichever built-in page you would like to appear on your website menu bar.

Any secure page that you do select from the Edit Menu page will require the member to login. Clicking on the link will lead them to the login page first.

For support on customizing your menu bar, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Friday, November 8, 2013

MyEventRunner - Color Coded Name Tags

Did you know that you can identify paid attendees based on their purchased packages/add-ons from their name tags?

When creating events using MyEventRunner, you now have the option to generate color coded name tags in order to identify the paid attendees based on their purchases.

That's right! To make it easier to identify paid attendees based on their purchased packages and/or add-ons, you can now assign color codes to their name tags. Once all your packages and add-ons have been created, you can assign color codes from the "Prepare Name Tags" screen by clicking on the "Assign Color Codes" link and then choosing the package or add-on you want to select a color for. Once completed, simply go back to the "Prepare Name Tags" screen and from the drop down menu, select "Badge (with Color Codes) from the Select Tag Type field. Click on generate to view your new color coded name tags!

We have lots of exciting updates planned for MyEventRunner! Stay tuned as we release more updates. Please feel free to email us your feedback about this new feature. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Tips for the Week!

Customers using Version 3.0, did you know that you can now hide the story brief and thumbnail as well as the 'read more' link from the Story widget on your bulletin?

Clubs and Districts using the Story widget on their bulletin will now be able to hide the story brief and thumbnail as well as the 'read more' link from appearing on their bulletin. To do so, simply click on the Properties icon on the widget and uncheck the options displayed.

Did you know that now when a bulletin editor emails the bulletin, rather than displaying the name of the individual, it will display the name of the club or District in the 'From' field?

You asked for it, and we delivered! Previously, bulletins sent using Version 3.0 displayed the name of the member who sent the bulletin in the 'From' field for both the Club and District versions. Now, instead of the 'From' field displaying the name of the individual, it will display the name of the Club or District.

Did you know you can control your website's meta tag keywords?

Just like in Version 2.0, you will now see a Meta Tags option under Settings in Version 3.0. Here, you will be able to add keywords and descriptions to improve your search results in Google and other search engines. Upon clicking on the meta tags link, you will see that you have several options to choose from to define your meta tags. You can choose to add keywords, descriptions, author and custom meta tags by selecting an option from the drop down menu and then entering your content.