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Friday, June 29, 2012

Introducing Version 2.2 for Districts!

Last year upon releasing Version 2.1 for Districts, we introduced many new features for Districts including Event Planner 2.0, the District eDirectory, District Dashboard, Email Merge fields, the District Bulletin 2.0 and more!

Over the last year, our development team has been working hard to implement your feature requests into the District site. We’re proud to release Version 2.2 for Districts! This major release update includes the addition of many new modules and features along with a fresh new look, easier functionality and some great improvements to existing features.

Starting with the Launchpad!

We redesigned ClubRunner for Districts to give your District Admin page a fresh new look and have made it easier for everyone. The District Launchpad is your new landing page upon logging into your District site.

Not only will you be able to access all the features already available to you but you will notice some really cool features which are found not only on the Launchpad but across the board! On the Launchpad, you will see 5 new widgets summarizing all the important information you require to effectively support your clubs and members.
  • Need to make a quick announcement or remind your members of an upcoming event? The all new Launchpad Message widget will allow you to type in your messages for all to see. Easily update your announcements and keep them up for as long as you like.
  • Wondering how many clubs in your District have not yet activated the RI Integration feature or need a summary of the RI Integration updates that have occurred this past month? Access that information directly from the RI Integration widgets.
  • Easily keep track of your Website Activity. View the number of stories and news items added to the site. Additionally, view the number of events created by the district as well as by all the clubs within the district. Click on the numbers to access more information!
You will also notice the Launchpad is divided into 9 sections from where you can access various features and functionalities. Please click here to read more about the Launchpad!

As you begin to look through your District site, you will notice many new features not to mention improvements on some existing features.

New Access Level and More Fields in the Download Member Data Export!

This release features a new access level on the District level which gives you the ability to grant specific members with access rights to be able to download member data. Previously only available to Site Admins, you can now give access to specific members from the Member Access Rights page on the District site. 

Best of all, the download member export now allows you to export more fields into an excel report, such as Website URL, Membership Number, Birthday, Classification and much more. Furthermore, you can even customize the filters you would like to apply to your report by selecting the fields you require such as 'Active & Honorary'  members and Date Joined, Terminated, Last Login, Date Modified, etc.

Google Maps for Clubs

This brand new feature will allow you to view a map of all the clubs in the District on Google Maps with filters allowing you to display the clubs based on the time of the day they meet as well as the day of the week they meet. This new feature can be added from the District Information widget onto your homepage. Once added, simply republish your website.

Redesigned Photo Organization Chart & Member Designations

The all new redesigned photo organization chart now also displays your member designations with special icons along with the name of your club and your title in the form of a business card. Identifying member designations just got easier!

District Dashboard Updates

Within the District dashboard, you now also have the ability to filter by area such that you can generate membership statistics by area as well as by club for a more refined search. A vast improvement to the AG module, with this new update, Assistant/Area Governors can now access a dashboard view of all the clubs in their area. Additionally, AG's also can now generate more reports to monitor their clubs membership.

Customizable Email Templates & Attendance Reminder Email 

ClubRunner District Version 2.2 gives you the ability to create numerous custom email templates. Moreover, you now also can customize your attendance reminder emails and edit the content as you wish!

Missing Email Address Reports

In addition to the existing reports tracking your email statuses, a new reporting module within the Emails tab allows you to view all the members with missing email addresses. You have the option to view their phone numbers in order to call and follow up and request a member data update.

These are of course only some of the changes implemented. We are working diligently to provide you with valuable features to assist you in supporting your clubs. We would love to hear your feedback regarding the new look and all the various features that have been added to the system. Please write to us at feedback@clubrunner.ca with your thoughts and suggestions.

Should you have any questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feature Tips of the Week!

Did you know you there are two new story widgets available in the Dynamic Bulletin Editor?

You now have the choice between inserting either your 'story brief' or 'all details' (brief and content) into your dynamic bulletin. These two new options can be found in the widget selector menu in the Bulletin designer.  Selecting the story brief widget will display an image and just the brief with a link directing readers to the complete article. Selecting the 'all details' widget will insert an image along with the entire article into the dynamic bulletin.

Did you know you can now grant permission to specific members within the District site to be able to download member data?

Previously only available to Site Administrators, we've released a new access level on the District level which gives you the ability to grant specific members with access rights to be able to download member data. In order to do so, click on the "Membership" tab from the top menu bar and then on "Member Access Rights". From here, you can assign this new access level to specific members. Please note, this feature is only available on the District site.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Feature Updates - Website Designer, Committees Module & Dues & Billing!

Deleting Widgets Confirmation!
Confirm before Deleting Widget
We always appreciate your feedback on the system and always strive to incorporate your suggestions into the ClubRunner platform.

As part of our latest feature update release, we've added a layer of protection in order to ensure widgets are not deleted from the Website Designer screen by mistake. As many of you requested, you will now be asked to confirm whether you wish to delete a widget from the designer screen upon clicking on the delete button. Upon clicking 'yes', your widget will be deleted. If you had clicked the delete button in error, the confirmation message will give you the ability to cancel the request.

Did you know you can now select and e-mail members of subcommittees from the e-mail tab in the Committees module?

Subcommittee Listing
You now have the ability to select members of subcommittees as recipients of your emails. From the Committees module, upon clicking on the e-mail tab, the system will allow you to expand your subcommittee member listing in order to see the members and select and email them.

New Currencies Added in the Dues & Billing Module!
In order to accommodate our International clients, we've added new currencies in the system such that invoices can be created with currencies pertinent to the country. This release includes the addition of Kuwaiti Dinar and Uganda Shillings. A full listing of the currencies available can be accessed from the 'Configuration Settings' page found in the Dues and Billing module.

Please continue to send in your feedback and suggestions to us! Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Feature Update - Club Documents

Just a few months ago, we announced that it was now possible to collapse sub-folders as well as transfer documents between folders in the Club Documents section.

Since then, we received some wonderful feedback whereby you requested that the default setting for the folders be set so that all folders remain closed. As part of our latest release, you will notice that when you access the Club Documents section, your folders will all be in the 'closed' state. You can expand any of the folders you like and the system will then remember how you last left the page, so that the next time you access the documents storage page, it will display your documents as you had last left the page.

We thank you for the wonderful feedback! Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Event Planner 2.0

Did you know you can now access the Event Planner 2.0 feature from the Admin Menu Page?

We've added a link to the new Events Planner 2.0 feature so you can access it directly from the Admin page. You will notice a new link next to the Edit Events link you're used to seeing. The Event Planner 2.0 module is an upgraded version of the current Event Planning feature. Event Planner 2.0 enables you to allow public registrations. With Events Planner 2.0, you can easily set up an event, specify payment methods and send and invitation using our built in templates or by composing your own! You can also send emails from the Event Planner 2.0 module to those who have registered and those who still have not. You even have the ability to specify which members from your club or district you would like to e-mail, including those marked as 'other users' and those in your custom distribution lists. For instructions on setting up an event using Events Planner 2.0, please click here. For any questions, feel free to visit our support center or email our support team!