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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tips for the Week!

Did you know that the Birthdays and Anniversaries widget can also display birthday information for spouses?

As part of our latest software update, we've added the option to display birthday information for spouses as well. Great for adding to your bulletin! This option can be selected by clicking on the cog wheel on the widget to go to the settings page, from where you can simply check the "Show Spouse Birthdays" option.

Did you know that you have the ability to mark a subpage as the default landing page when website visitors click on the Site Page link?

A Site Page allows you to create a number of subpages and related pages as well as allow you to add photo albums, links and files to the pages. Subpages contain important information related to the topic that a Site Page was created for.

As you add more subpages or delete them, you can quickly and easily change your default landing page. To make a subpage the default, click on the subpage from the menu on the left side. When you are in the Edit Site Page screen, you will notice a link on the top titled "Make as Default Subpage", which you can click on to proceed.

Did you know that you can select which photo albums you want displayed on your Photo Albums List page? 
A popular request, you now can choose which specific albums you want to display on the Photo Albums List page, which is accessible from your menu navigation bar. The Photo Albums list page is the built-in page that you can easily add to your menu bar. To add albums to the list page, simply navigate to the Edit Photo Albums link from your Admin page and select the Photo Albums List page filter. From here, click on the "Add Photo Album from Library" button and select whichever albums you want displayed!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tip of the Week!

Did you know that you now can display your sponsor ads on more pages of your website?

A very popular feature, the Sponsorship module allows clubs to place sponsor ads on their own website as a means of generating revenue for the club. These ads can be text or image ads and clubs can set their own prices and schedule to run these ads. Up until today, clubs had the ability to display their sponsor ads on the home page, all subsequent website pages and the bulletin. As our way of providing you with more custom options, you now have even more control over where to display these ads and can choose from a variety of subsequent secondary pages including the photo album list, speakers list, speakers details page, event details page and more. To view the complete list and choose which pages to display the ads on, simply click on the Sponsor Settings from the Sponsors page.

It's easy to get started! Simply set your price and upload your ads! Even view how well your ads are performing by referring to the built-in hit counter which displays the number of clicks each ad has received.

Click here to refer to our help article on how to upload your sponsor ads.

We're constantly making changes to ClubRunner based on the feedback we receive from you and there's still a lot on the way! If you have a suggestion or feature request you'd like to share with us, email us at feedback@clubrunner.ca.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tips for the Week!

Clubs using ClubRunner 3.0, did you know that you can now change the color, font, font size as well as add style elements to your story titles?

To give users more control over formatting, we've made it simpler to format story titles. Whereas earlier, any customization required the editor of the story to use HTML tags to apply style elements to the title, you will now see a 'Format Options' link next to the title field. Clicking on it will open a new editor window from where you will be able to easily bold, italicize, underline, change the font, color and size of your title.

Did you know you can add mail merge tags to your emails to populate the emails you send from MyEventRunner?

That's right! You are now able to further customize your emails and add mail merge tags specific to the recipient, sender and account when emailing registrants from MyEventRunner. You can choose from several mail merge tags including recipient name, recipient spouse name, club name, sender name, account name, and more.

These are just some of the updates we've introduced but there is still a lot on the way! We're constantly making changes to the ClubRunner service. Please continue to share your feedback and feature requests by emailing us at feedback@clubrunner.ca.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Tip of the Week!

Did you know that you can create custom forms using Google Docs for your website?

Apart from the built-in contact forms, there are definitely times your club needs to collect certain information and using a form would be the best method. Customers using Version 3.0 can create and add custom forms to their website with a just few easy steps!

Simply create your form in Google and once completed, copy and paste the source code in a custom widget in ClubRunner. All the responses are saved in your Google account and can be downloaded to Excel at any time. For instructions, please refer to our help article.

Version 3.0 offers a lot of customization options so you can design your website to meet the unique needs of your club. Has your club switched to Version 3.0 yet?