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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Features - Taking Attendance

Club secretaries everywhere are heaving a sigh of relief with the release of ClubRunner’s new Attendance 3.0 module.

Based on the feedback we've received over the years, we've designed this module from the ground up to cater to the unique needs of each club. Besides more advanced tracking functions, Attendance 3.0 gives you the ability to bank and track make-ups, auto-assign a makeup from a member pool, track meeting guests and much more!

You can access the Attendance module directly from the top menu of your club's Admin page, provided you have an access level of 50 or better. From here, you will be able to transfer your data from the current Attendance module using the built-in migration tool.

With all the data available to you from within the attendance module, such as guest attendance rates for example, you can develop an accurate model of your club's demographics, which is an essential step in the creation of strategies for future growth.

Training Resources:

For an overview of the features, click here.

To access the Attendance 3.0 Guide, click here.  

For additional help articles,  click here.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tip of the Week!

You asked for it, and we delivered! Did you know that you can now upload multiple documents to the Club Documents section on your website and also download all documents to your computer?

Similar to how you can upload multiple photos to your albums, you now have the ability to add multiple documents from your computer to the Club Documents section. Upon clicking on the "Edit Club Documents" link on the Admin Page, you will notice two new buttons on the top right called, "Add Multiple" and "Download All".

Clicking on "Add Multiple" will allow you to select all files and upload them or directly drag and drop them into the file list area. Simply select which folder you would like to upload the documents under and define their access level and finally on 'Start Upload'.

The "Download All" option will extract all your documents and folder structure for you in a ZIP file for easy archiving.

These are just some of your wishlist features that we're working to add. There is still a lot more on the way! Please continue to send us your suggestions at feedback@clubrunner.ca!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Microsoft Canada Recognizes Innovation with ClubRunner

We're thrilled to have been recognized by Microsoft Canada as one of two finalists for the 2015 Impact Awards in the category of Partner Hosted Cloud Innovation.

 This award provides recognition to companies that deliver high-quality, innovative yet seamless solutions to their customers.

 "This year's entries were some of the best we've ever seen and our judge's decisions were certainly not easy." said Microsoft Canada Channel Chief Jason Brommet.

Over the past few years, we've been working hard to recreate the ClubRunner platform with Version 3.0. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, Version 3.0 scales to your requirements and needs, and offers a level of customization that is truly unmatched.

The awards ceremony takes place on July 12th, and no matter what the outcome, the selection is an honor in itself. And, we have you to thank for this. Without your direction and support, we'd never had made it this far.

Thank you!

The Wonderful World of Widgets

Among many other additions, we also introduced an entire directory of Widget help articles. Both the website and bulletin designers offer a large number of widget tools offering you a wide spectrum of functions and possibilities.

You can use widgets ti display as RSS feed, club events, birthdays and anniversaries, a President's message, and much more. You can even create your own custom widgets to embed a Facebook page, YouTube videos, custom images and more.

You can also customize existing widget properties and use them as the building blocks to create a truly distinctive and outstanding website.

To help you get the full use of this sheer range of functionality, we not have a library of articles outlining the use of each widget, along with information on editing their properties.

Club Highlight - Rotary Club of Castro Valley, California

We continue to be impressed at the creativity of our clients and their engagement with the community. The Rotary Club of Castro Valley for example keeps their website fresh while adding their own unique flavor to the site with their own custom banner and design elements that they've interspersed throughout the site.

Castro Valley Rotary Club

The custom banner is a particularly striking feature. It celebrates 50 years of the club's heritage, with the original meeting site on the right and the current one on the left. Between these are images marking their influence in the community, such as their role in organizing the Castro Valley Blues Festival. Using real images from their past and present makes it easy for site visitors to relate to the club and visualize their work and impact they make.

On their website, notice how on the left column of their page, they've made good use of a custom widget to present their meeting details and club information while also providing a link to their Twitter account. This both clearly display club meeting information and promote their social media presence.

In their navigation menu, the Castro Valley Rotary Club keeps information for newcomers front and center, making it easy to find out how to join, with the use of video display, drop down menus and site pages. They even provide a glossary that helps new members understand the unique jargon of the club.

Another good design element is the way the club presents general information about their mission and Rotary above the fold. As you scroll down, the information and resources become more specific to the club showcasing how active they are through the club minutes. This is an excellent way to keep and hold the interest of members and non-members visiting the site. The 'fold' in design speak is the the first half section of the website that is visible when you land on a website. Below the fold refers to the area you see as you scroll down.

In another creative display of widget use, they've customized their Downloads widget and Birthdays and Anniversaries widget with a colored background to make it stand out from the page - a great way to add some simple flair to any website! Did you know that you can alter the color and appearance of most widgets simply by editing the widget properties?

Finally, going back to pictures, the club does a great job using real photos of members, rather than stock photography or clip art. The use of such photos, makes their articles and club more relatable and simply ties their content together.

Know of a ClubRunner website you'd really like us to see, or have some tips on what makes a website great? Share it with us by commenting below.

To visit Castro Valley Rotary's website, visit: www.castrovalleyrotary.org