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Friday, September 24, 2010

Week #49: Tip of the Week

#49: Did you know that you can download your member data and sort by type?

We have further streamlined our reports to allow you to only search for your desired member types and export it to an Excel spreadsheet. No longer do you have to further scrub or analyze your member data to determine who you’d like to contact. Select the member types you wish to download, press Regenerate and then Download to Excel.

for more information about the member profile, contact support@clubrunner.ca or visit our official website.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 48: Tip of the Week

#48: Did you know reports generated in ClubRunner can be exported for personal use or distribution?

Reports that are available in ClubRunner can now be exported in either PDF or Excel format. Also recently available, under the Birthday and Anniversary Report, you can create a report for spouse’s birthdays as well as member birthday’s, join dates and anniversaries. If you have any suggestions for additional reports or search parameters, contact feedback@clubrunner.ca or visit the user community and join into the discussions.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 47: Tip of the Week

#47: Did you know that you can reorder the sequence of your website contents faster with drag-and-drop

We’ve made it easier to reorder website content listings by using either up/down arrows or the drag and drop feature. This is available for home page links, stories, news, photo albums, site pages, download files and the website sponsorship area. Try it out today!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 46: Tip of the Week

#46: Did you know that you can have more information in your stories and news items

The capacity of characters within your stories and news articles has increased to the following:
  • Brief (appear on the home page as an introduction to your subject) = 20,000 characters
  • Content (appear within your bulletin and/or stories/news pages of your site) = 30,000 characters
Create dynamic content and let your current and prospective members know what's going on in your club!

If you haven't already switched your site to ClubRunner Version 2.0, watch the video to see how easy it is today!