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Monday, March 9, 2015

Updates to the Attendance 3.0 (Beta) Module!

Many of you are already aware of our upcoming Attendance 3.0 module, and in fact many of you have already seen this module come to life by participating in our Early Access Preview! While in it's Early Access phase, we've made a number of changes and updates based on your feedback.

Here are just a few updates recently made, with many more on the way.

Did you know you can now report makeups to closed meetings & against events?

As of our latest software update, you can now add multiple banked makeups using attendance at events. To do so, you would need to navigate to the Makeups screen and enter the date and description for a makeup event, and then select any members who wish to report this event for their banked makeups.

Secondly, you now also have the ability to add makeups to closed meetings. To do so, navigate to the Meetings page within the module and then simply click on the closed meeting followed by the Makeups tab from where you will be able to and single or multiple makeups.

Did you know you can now filter makeups by date?

That's right! We've now added a filter by date range option within the makeups screen, and can select a start and end date to view all the makeups applied during that period for all members.  

Did you know you can customize member lists to print?

We've added a new feature that allows you to filter your member list according to Active/Honorary members as well as other users. Print your list and keep track of all the funds distribution, notes and more!

A far more intuitive and revamped version of what you are currently used to, we will be releasing this module very soon! Stay tuned for its official release date.

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