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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tips for the Week!

Did you know that you can now hide old invoices from previous Rotary years within the Dues and Billing module?

Treasurers now have the ability to hide the invoices from the previous Rotary year to declutter and start with a clean screen every year. Upon landing on the Billing home page, you will notice a new link next to  "Create New Bill" called "Hide Old Bills". Clicking on this will automatically hide all previous bills (whether open or closed) from the previous Rotary years. Clicking on "Show All Bills" will then list everything for you to view again.

Did you know you can customize your story titles using HTML tags?

A popular request from our advanced users, we've now added the ability to add HTML tags to the titles of Stories, Photo Albums and Site Pages. Simply add the HTML tags in the title field itself to customize the look and feel of your titles. As well, we're happy to inform you that Site Pages now support special characters in the title name as well!

Did you know that registrants can now modify their registrations from additional places apart from the link in their confirmation email?

In addition to the confirmation email that the registrant receives which includes the link to modify their event registration details, members can now also access their event registrations in order to modify and review their registrations from the following sections:

1) My Commitments link found on the Admin Page
2) The Commitments tab, found in the Edit My Profile Section
3) Member Commitments found in the Club Bulletin

These are just a few updates we've made based on your feedback. We'd like to thank you for all of your suggestions and feedback over this past year. There are still a lot of excellent suggestions we're working on implementing into the system - stay tuned!

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