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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tips for the Week - Bulletin Edition!

We made quite a few improvements to the Bulletin module post our last software release. If you're using Version 3.0, based on your suggestions, here is what you will find!

Did you know that you can now edit your bulletin banner and footer from the editing screen itself?

Whereas previously, to edit your banner and footer, you needed to first go to the bulletin list view from
where you could design your banner and footer, now you can edit and choose them from the editing screen itself. Simply click on that portion of the bulletin and build your complete bulletin, all in one place!

Did you know you can now use Global Custom Widgets in your bulletins?

You asked us for an option to be able to display bulletin specific custom widgets for all of your bulletins and now you can! If you find yourself making and using the same custom widget in all your bulletins, using the Global Custom Widget, you no longer have to recreate it! Now, you can create a custom widget and the system will save it for you and will present it as an option to use in all future editions as well.

Did you know that you can now hide the links widget titles from appearing on your bulletin?

Another popular request, we've added that capability too! Lat week, we had added the ability to hide the group name from the "Add New Link" widget for your website. This week, we've added that functionality to the bulletin as well. When creating the links widget for you bulletin, you will be able to hide the group name from appearing by simply clicking on the 'hide title' option.

This of course is only the beginning! We have a lot of improvements coming your way and are excited about where we are heading! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the bulletin module, please share your ideas with us by emailing us at feedback@clubrunner.ca

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