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Friday, April 26, 2013

MyEventRunner Feature Updates

MyEventRunnerOver the past few months, we received lots of suggestions on improving MyEventRunner, so we decided to dedicate an entire feature release to it.

Did you know that there is now an email notification that is sent out when a payment doesn't go through?

Now, when a person pays online and the payment does not go through, the system will automatically send an email to the registrant as well as the Event Chair notifying them of the failed payment, so that further action can be taken by the two parties.

Did you know that the Dashboard in MyEventRunner shows the total guest registrations as well as total registrations?

This special MyEventRunner release includes the addition of the option to show registration totals showing guests only. You will now be able to select the option to show the guest registration totals from the complete total number of registrations and will be able to view a list of the guests only.

Did you know that you can now edit the standard questionnaire template?
It is now possible to edit the template fields that you add in the Edit Standard Questionnaire template screen. Whereas previously, all you could do was delete or disable your entry, you can now edit it by clicking on the pencil and paper icon found in the actions column.

Did you know that your events are no longer moved to the Past Events Listing the day of the event?

Prior to this release, all events were moved to the 'Past Events Listing' on the day of the event. Now, all events remain on the Event List for 30 days after the event has ended and then are moved to 'Past Events'.

Did you know that you can now email everyone that has paid an email notification stating their balance is zero?

You always had the option to remind everyone that they had a balance due however now, you can also send everyone that had registered and paid for the event, an email notification stating their balance is zero.

These are just some of the improvements we've made to MyEventRunner. Have more suggestions or feedback? We'd love to hear it! To learn more about MyEventRunner, please visit www.myeventunner.com

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