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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's here: search the website!

We get excited about all the features we release, and this time around, it's no different. You asked for it, and we made it happen. With the number of wishlist items being implemented, dare we say, we don't need to search for reasons to celebrate.

Search away!
We're pleased to present the new search function which has been added to all ClubRunner websites, allowing your visitors to search for any item published anywhere on your website.

Where is it? You will see a magnifying glass appear on the top right of your website, near the
member login. Clicking on it will expand the search box to open. The best part is that each search box matches the color and theme of the website template you've selected, which means it blends right in.

How does it work? When logged in, members can even search for items on private pages, making it easier for them to be aware of important details. If not logged in, the search bar will only display results from all stories, custom pages, site pages, photo albums and even events - all items that are meant for the public to see.

While the search will display all relevant results related to your query, you will always see your search term highlighted in yellow on the search results page making it easier to identify what you are looking for.

Now you can find any story or article that you might have missed or wanted to share and easily go beyond what's on the homepage. Give it a try and share your feedback!


  1. I noticed the search icon a few days ago. Great addition that was much needed. I'm concerned that it does not stand out enough for site visitors. It will be ok for rotarians who come to the site often and know to look there however first time visitors to the site may miss is up there on the top left. Perhaps it needs to be spelled out Search with the icon rather than having it appear if clicked. Just a thought. Is it a widget that could deploy elsewhere on the site.. Say in the footer.


  2. Thanks for the input, Jim.
    By the way, the page is accessible directly so you can always add a prominent link it on the home page or footer. The URL for your site would be http://rotarycluboftruro.ca/search
    Hope that helps.