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Friday, January 15, 2016

Tip of the Week: Manage blocked and bounced emails

Picture this scenario: you send an email and at your next meeting, you find that a handful of members never received your email. Our support team does some investigation and find that the message simply bounced or was blocked, perhaps due the fact that the recipient might have marked a previous email as spam. Sounds familiar?

Managing bounced and blocked emails

We've now added functionality to give you more control over your suppression lists. When members stop receiving emails, it is because for some reason, they were automatically placed in a suppression list. There are many reasons why this might occur, however, the most common are when someone marks your email as junk mail or if their mailbox was full.

A suppression list essentially is a block list which means anyone on the list will not receive future messages. You can now remove these email addresses from this list! To do so, simply navigate to the Email Traffic Report page and then click on the Details link under the Actions column. Next, click on the number under the Emails Sent column to view your email statistics. On the top right of this page, you will find the "Manage Bounced and Block Emails" button. You will then see a list of email addresses that did not receive your message along with the reason why, and will be able to remove them from this list.

It's that simple! So the next time you find that a member did not receive an email, it's easy to find out why and take action.

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