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Friday, February 14, 2014

Tip of the Week!

Did you know you can customize the content in the text version of your bulletin?

As part of email best practices, ClubRunner always sends out a text version of your bulletin for email clients that cannot render HTML email. We recently introduced the ability to customize the content in the text version of your bulletins.
You will notice a link titled "Text Version" on the top right of your bulletin editor, which will allow you to create and edit text versions of your newsletter.

What is a Plain Text Bulletin?

A plain text bulletin is an email that does not contain any images or text formatting. When creating your bulletin using the Bulletin Designer, you are creating an HTML version of your bulletin, complete with formatting and imagery.

Because emails are viewed on different email clients and devices, with plain text emails, you can be assured that no information is lost in translation.

Why is a Text Version Important?

Although, creating and editing the text version is optional, it is highly recommended as recipients that have email clients that do not render HTML emails will not be able to see your bulletin content. Some browsers or settings on email clients such as Outlook don’t support HTML versions of emails. When this is the case, the recipient receives the text version of your email instead.

Additionally, if your HTML email is content heavy (bulletin contains a lot of information and images), and it is not supported by a text version, spam filters are more likely to mark your email as spam, which means the recipient might not receive your email.

For help on creating and editing your bulletin, refer to our help articles on our knowledgebase.

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