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Friday, June 15, 2012

Feature Updates - Website Designer, Committees Module & Dues & Billing!

Deleting Widgets Confirmation!
Confirm before Deleting Widget
We always appreciate your feedback on the system and always strive to incorporate your suggestions into the ClubRunner platform.

As part of our latest feature update release, we've added a layer of protection in order to ensure widgets are not deleted from the Website Designer screen by mistake. As many of you requested, you will now be asked to confirm whether you wish to delete a widget from the designer screen upon clicking on the delete button. Upon clicking 'yes', your widget will be deleted. If you had clicked the delete button in error, the confirmation message will give you the ability to cancel the request.

Did you know you can now select and e-mail members of subcommittees from the e-mail tab in the Committees module?

Subcommittee Listing
You now have the ability to select members of subcommittees as recipients of your emails. From the Committees module, upon clicking on the e-mail tab, the system will allow you to expand your subcommittee member listing in order to see the members and select and email them.

New Currencies Added in the Dues & Billing Module!
In order to accommodate our International clients, we've added new currencies in the system such that invoices can be created with currencies pertinent to the country. This release includes the addition of Kuwaiti Dinar and Uganda Shillings. A full listing of the currencies available can be accessed from the 'Configuration Settings' page found in the Dues and Billing module.

Please continue to send in your feedback and suggestions to us! Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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